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"Dr. Lentz asked me to be a model for her Empower training. I was skeptical, but had been experiencing the effects of lichen sclerosis and chronic inflammation from it's treatment for 15 years. I had the VTone and FormaV on my first treatment. After it had a few days to heal, the pain and itching associated with my condition virtually disappeared. I have now combined the VTone, FormaV and Morpheus8V two more times. After healing I no longer experience the symptoms of my chronic issues. And a side benefit...I would sporadically have had issues with incontinence after having a vaginal delivery of my son. No longer!  I can jump on the trampoline, cough, sneeze and laugh hard without experiencing leaking. I am so thankful, so very thankful."



Through our innovative EmpowerRF system, we can provide customized treatments. This can include electrical muscle stimulation (EMS), radiofrequency, and/or microneedling to rehabilitate weak pelvic floor muscles; treat stress, urge, and mixed urinary incontinence; stimulate collagen production; and remodel skin and fat. Under doctor supervision, you can achieve life-changing, long-lasting results with safety and efficacy. 

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