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Epicutis in Fort Collins, CO

Safe, Luxurious,
Results-oriented Skincare

At Ideal Metabolic Health & Body we focus on health and beauty using treatments that are as natural and clean as possible. Because of this it was only right that we searched out the only EWG Verified skin product line in the medical grade professional channel.  

This is a simple system, made up of 3 steps: Cleanse, Treat and Hydrate. 

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Cleanse and Refresh

The Epicutis cleansing oil is made up of Hyvia (TM) which boosts hydration and strengthens the skin barrier; Hinoki Wood Oil which cleanses and relaxes the skin, Meadowfoam Seed Oil which unclogs pores and controls sebum production, and Sunflower Seed Oil which melts away dirt and makeup. 

Hyvia (TM) is a novel, patented chia seed oil derived from the non-gmo strain salvia hispanica, all sourced from a fully traceable and sustainable farm.  This extract has powerful moisturizing abilities. 

Protect and Revitalize

The Epicutis lipid serum is made up of hyaluronic acid which instantly boosts your skin's moisture level; TSC to instantly lock in hydration and calm inflammation; Propanediol for skin plumping + anti-microbial benefits; and Glycerin to help serum glide gently across skin's surface. 

TSC is a novel patented lipid-like molecule. Lipids have a wide variety of important functions within the skin including improving hydration, blocking environmental damage, and reducing appearance of redness.  The Lipid Serum can be applied immediately after procedures. It has been shown to reduce blemishes and bacteria on the skin in acne. 

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Hydrate and Calm
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Hyvia(TM) creme is made up of Hyvia (TM) which boosts hydration and blocks blue light damage to skin; uses DSD to help protect skin from environmental aggressors; Shea butter for deep conditioning with a dewy finish, and Evening primrose extract to brighten skin and fade hyperpigmentation. 

Smooth and Renew

The Enzyme Exfoliating Powder uses Protease & Lipase to boost natural skin turnover, promoting healthier looking skin. TSC promotes skin repair while helping to calm skin, and Sodium Lauroyl Glutamate cleanses skin while retaining hydration. 

Recover and Hydrate

The Lipid Recovery Mask improves skin texture, reduces the appearance of redness and irritation, protects against collagen breakdown, promotes overall skin health, and can reduce recovery time after a skin procedure.  

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