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“Finally, I was ready to start the journey, and lost 80 pounds (and have kept them off)! I’m so thankful to Dr. Lentz for patiently pointing me in the right direction to help me achieve long-term success!”

- C.L.

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Would you like to schedule a consultation with Dr. Lentz? She is taking patients for a medically supervised real food approach to manage weight and/or chronic disease and benefit overall health, reduce future health risks, reduce need for medications and overall health costs. She specializes in low carb eating,  emphasizing protein prioritization, a ketogenic state, and intermittent fasting for weight loss and health gain

​Jennifer McCabe Lentz, MD 

Dr. Lentz obtained her medical degree from the University of Colorado School of Medicine in 2001 and subsequently completed her residency in family medicine at Fort Collins Family Medicine Residency in 2004. She holds board certification in family medicine and has cultivated a thriving clinical practice, catering to patients of diverse age groups while addressing an array of preventive, acute, and chronic medical conditions.

Throughout her extensive tenure as a family physician, Dr. Lentz has consistently emphasized the importance of lifestyle modifications to promote overall well-being and has judiciously pursued a strategy of "medication deprescribing" when deemed appropriate, yielding enduring health benefits. Driven by an unwavering dedication to her patients, Dr. Lentz prioritizes active listening and tailoring her care to suit individual needs. She conscientiously invests time in counseling on lifestyle habits and dietary adjustments.

Over the course of her career, Dr. Lentz has honed her medical mission, with a pronounced emphasis on effectively addressing chronic health issues, notably metabolic disorders and obesity, which often underlie a wide spectrum of other chronic diseases.

In 2016, Dr. Lentz embarked on an extensive program of advanced training, culminating in her achievement of Diplomate status in Obesity Medicine and certification as a Metabolic Health Practitioner. Her knowledge base has expanded significantly, encompassing intricate insights into insulin's intricate role in chronic diseases and a comprehensive understanding of the deleterious consequences of the Standard American Diet.

Dr. Lentz has long championed the use of therapeutic carbohydrate restriction and prioritization of protein intake as integral components of her therapeutic approach to treating metabolic disorders, facilitating the establishment of sustainable, healthier lifestyles conducive to longevity and resilience.

Medical weight loss and disease reversal  in Fort Collins, CO

Katie Sanderson, RN, a graduate of the year 2001 with a Bachelor's of Science in Nursing, finds immense gratification in her role at Direct Family Care of NoCO. Her passion for this profession is deeply rooted in the profound relationships forged with patients and the comprehensive, patient-centric care they are afforded. She holds our exemplary providers in high regard, commending their unwavering dedication to delivering optimal care to every individual.


Residing in Loveland alongside her husband and two sons, Katie's life is enriched by a bustling family dynamic. Her sons actively engage in pursuits such as soccer and marching band, which fills their schedules with activity and purpose. Embracing a part-time work schedule allows Katie to harmonize her professional commitments with the vibrant tapestry of her family life.

During moments of respite, Katie and her family indulge in outdoor adventures and the joys of camping. Her invaluable contributions to our practice resonate with the compassionate and reassuring care she extends to our cherished patients.

Rylee is a native of Loveland who began her employment with Ideal Metabolic Health & Body in January 2023. Possessing a background as a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA), she harbored aspirations of a career within the medical domain that did not align with the traditional nursing role. Rylee was particularly drawn to her current role due to its capacity to facilitate the cultivation of meaningful patient relationships and close collaboration.
Since her incorporation into our team, Rylee has achieved national certification as a proficient phlebotomist. She harbors aspirations of enrolling in an esthetician school in the immediate future, further enhancing her skill set.
In her leisure hours, Rylee enjoys managing her entrepreneurial pursuits, engaging in literary exploration, savoring the pleasures of summer by the lake, embarking on enriching travels, and attending live musical performances.

Todd Lentz, a native of Fort Collins, has deep-rooted connections to the area, having met Jenn over 19 years ago in this very locale. Their journey began here, evolving into a flourishing family unit. Although they briefly ventured to the Pacific Northwest, they eventually returned to Colorado, specifically Loveland, before ultimately resettling in Fort Collins for a permanent residence.

Todd's initial career aspirations did not encompass the medical realm, but destiny had other plans. Over these 19 years, he has found his calling within the medical field, where he derives great satisfaction from both engaging with new patients and maintaining relationships with familiar ones. Todd seizes every opportunity to advocate for our practice, recognizing the rarity of a professional path so perfectly aligned with his passions.


In addition to their professional commitments, Todd and Jenn are proud parents to four children, reveling in the privilege of witnessing their growth and development. They actively participate in an array of extracurricular activities, which they earnestly support and attend whenever possible.

Beyond their family-oriented pursuits, Todd indulges his passion for outdoor recreation, relishing in activities such as mountain biking, hiking, and camping, often in the company of family and friends. Fort Collins serves as an ideal backdrop for their endeavors, and they take immense pride in establishing their roots within this thriving community.

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