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“Finally, I was ready to start the journey, and lost 80 pounds (and have kept them off)! I’m so thankful to Dr. Lentz for patiently pointing me in the right direction to help me achieve long-term success!”

- C.L.

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Would you like to schedule a consultation with Dr. Lentz? She is taking patients for a medically supervised real food approach to manage weight and/or chronic disease and benefit overall health, reduce future health risks, reduce need for medications and overall health costs. She specializes in low carb eating emphasizing protein prioritization, ketogenic lifestyle, and intermittent fasting

​Jennifer McCabe Lentz, MD 

Dr. Lentz graduated from the University of Colorado School of Medicine in 2001, and then from the Fort Collins Family Medicine Residency in 2004. She is Board Certified in family medicine and has enjoyed a full spectrum practice seeing all ages and combining preventative, acute and chronic conditions.


​Over her years as a family doctor, Dr. Lentz has focused on lifestyle changes for health and removing medications when appropriate, resulting in more successful long term wellness.  Dr. Lentz is passionate about her patients, and is truly devoted to listening as well as personalizing care. She takes the time to counsel about lifestyle habits and dietary changes. 


Over time, Dr. Lentz’s medical mission has become to successfully treat chronic health issues, especially metabolic disorders and obesity which are associated with most other chronic disease. Her goal is to build a true doctor-patient relationship while working as a partner with her patients through good nutrition.  

In 2016, Dr. Lentz took extensive additional training and became a Diplomate in Obesity Medicine as well as a certified Metabolic Health Practitioner. Her knowledge continues to grow and now extends to insulin’s relation to chronic diseases, and the negative effects of the Standard American Diet. 


Dr. Lentz is a long time advocate of using Low Carb High Fat (LCHF) eating to treat metabolic disorders and has recently implemented intermittent fasting for patients as well as in her own life.  She has seen amazing successes treating her patients using these lifestyle changes. 

Medical weight loss and disease reversal  in Fort Collins, CO

Books, Research, Links


The books I've read and been influenced by, the research that continues to show that low carb is healthiest, and the websites where I continue to find reliable information.

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