Physician guidance for low carb and ketogenic lifestyle as well as intermittent fasting

Promoting mental and physical health and longevity 


We need to stop using medicine to treat food.

Designed to treat and reverse disease using lifelong lifestyle modifications

Our Approach

We use a personalized approach through diet, fasting, stress management, sleep and fitness to help you achieve your goals. 

Initial Visit:
Remote or in person, you will spend 60-90 minutes with Dr. Lentz. We will discuss monitoring tools you can use in order to see how food affects you. Your entire history will be reviewed and blood work will be ordered. We will help create a custom plan at this time.

Weekly follow up:
For the first 4-6 weeks you will have weekly follow up with Dr. Lentz to track progress and ensure smooth transition to your new lifestyle. We will be monitoring your weight and other necessary vitals closely at this time. 

Weeks 6-12: 
Close monitoring continues with bi-monthly visits (remote or in person) with repeat blood work at week 10.  We will continue to focus on nutrition but continue to add the other lifestyle modifications as you progress.

After week 12:
If needed you can continue with the intense program with bi-monthly visits or move to or maintenance phase with less intense monitoring but continued support with nutrition and fitness. 

What's Included

  • Free Diet Doctor subscription for one month.

  • Virtual or in-office appointments

  • Comprehensive 90 minute initial medical evaluation with Dr. Lentz

  • Structured program with intensive follow-up

  • Personalized assessments with each visit

  • Evaluation of 2 comprehensive lab panels in first 3 months

  • Fitness recommendations

  • Reduced cost labs if extra labs needed

What's Not Included

  • We do not bill insurance

  • Labs, imaging, continuous glucose monitoring and medication costs are not included although we can help with reduced cost options

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