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Grilled Steak and Green Beans

Achieve health and longevity through focusing on the 5 points of health and longevity: nutrition, physical health, sleep, hormones and stress/mental health

Initial assessment and frequently scheduled visits to ensure success in meeting goals

  • $300 one time registration fee

  • $250 monthly fee

  • Minimum 3 month commitment

  • 60-75 minute initial consultation with Dr. Lentz

  • Follow up visits (weekly, bi-monthly, monthly)

  • Membership to

  • Laboratory blood work as needed (one time panel included with CBC, CMP, HgA1c, Insulin, Vitamin D and B12, Lipid panel, uric acid,  TSH, Free T3 and Free T4, estradiol, testosterone)

  • Body composition measurements

  • Personalized macro plans

  • Communication access via text/email/video chat

  • ECG if needed

  • Medication review and recommendations with prescription for any meds to help reach goals

  • Reduced rates for biannual, quarterly and auto-draft payments


Metabolic Screening visits: 

Basic Screening: $250 includes lab panel (CMP, CBC, TSH, Free T3, Free T4, HgA1c, Standard lipid panel, fasting insulin, uric acid, vitamin B12 and vitamin D level.) plus 30 minute video consultation for discussion of labs. 


Complex Screening: $350 includes lab panel (CMP, CBC, Vitamin B12 and Vitamin D, lipid panel with lipoprotein fractionation, Lipoprotein (a), fasting insulin, HgA1c, uric acid, and hormones) plus 30 minute video consultation for discussion of labs

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