Kids are eating sugar at an all time high!  I've seen sugar for kids being compared to alcohol for adults (6 Hidden Truths About Sugar), and see highly processed foods given to kids all day, every day. Pop Tarts! or cereal with juice for breakfast, Mac and Cheese with chocolate milk for lunch, frozen chicken nuggets or frozen pizza for dinner, fruit snacks or granola bars for snacks.  (Are You Overdosing Your Kids On Sugar?)  This is a deadly trend, we need parents, schools, medical professionals, government and food manufacturers to work together to halt this freight train!



I have 4 kids, age 4-10, all very busy and active. Do I feed my kids what I eat?   I get that question a lot...and the answer is MOSTLY.


I give them more leeway than I give myself. I figure if I can teach them how to make good choices most of the time then they can have the occasional splurge on sugar. 

I have been eating this way (LCHF) for only 4 years so...

Changing your lifestyle - they don’t make a pill for that.  Changing the way that you eat takes both physical and mental preparation, and just like quitting or changing any other habit you must be ready for it. But it will be worth it.  Do you want to reduce your risks for diabetes, obesity, sleep apnea, heart disease, dementia and more?


There are 5 stages to quitting anything -  Precontemplation, Contemplation, Preparation, Action, and Maintenance.


1) PRECONTEMPLATION STAGE - not yet ready to acknowledge there is a problem, much less a solution. Precontemplators usually show up in my office because of pressures from others… they are not ready.


2) CONTEMPLATION STAGE -ready to see something change.  Contemplators acknowledge there is a problem and begin to think about a solution, but have trouble understanding the problem and it’s causes, and wonder about the possible solution. Many contemplators have nonspecific plans to take action in the near future.  It...




What is Insulin Resistance?    
It is not talked about as much as obesity or diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease or cancers, but it is the common link to all of these as well as other common diseases. 


Insulin is a hormone that is secreted by the pancreas in response to an elevation in blood sugar, usually from eating. Insulin facilitates the absorption of glucose (sugar) into cells to be used as fuel (energy). Insulin also serves as a growth factor and in that capacity, it promotes the storage of extra blood glucose to fat.




Different foods cause your blood sugar to increase to different levels and at different rates. Carbohydrates cause the fastest and highest increase, protein with a more moderate response, and fat with minimal response.


In a healthy body, the insulin response almost mirrors the blood sugar elevation until the blood sugar returns to a normal rate (usually going a little below normal at first befor...

LCHF is Low Carb, High Fat. This is a way of eating that helps reduce the risk of diseases caused and worsened by insulin resistance (more on that later). We have had significant increase in these diseases in the past 40 years.  Prior to the 1950s we ate real food that contained real fat. In the 1950s it was postulated that cholesterol might be the cause of heart attacks, and that eating fat likely caused an increase in cholesterol.  This was never proven, but it was successfully pushed by one researcher named Ancel Keys (see The Big Fat Surprise in book links) until it was finally accepted as science by leading health officials and nutrition experts in the US.  In the late 70s the food pyramid resulted and "low fat" became the new way of life for most of Americans.  We did very well at changing to low fat.  Problem is that there are 3 macronutrients: protein, fat, and carbohydrates, and reducing one means increasing one of the others.  Carbohydrate (especially processed) and sugar int...

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