updated Aug 20, 2018

Empower: to equip or supply with an ability; enable. 

Such a strong word.  It makes me think of strength, power, success, bravery...  Do you feel it?  Too often we are not empowered - we don't have the tools (or confidence) to do what we want to succeed; sometimes it is with career or finances, education, or even with nutrition.  

Why is that? Why does food have such control over us? Why is it that we feel very able and positive, and then the plate of nachos is passed in front of us, maybe the candy bowl on our coworker's desk calls our names, or our daily soda habit takes control of us?  "I was doing so well, then made some brownies for work and ate the whole pan," "I couldn't possibly give up bread." or "I did great for 3 weeks then fell off the wagon, and have not gotten back on." I hear this all the time.

FOOD is powerful. Most of our social experiences revolve around FOOD. We go on dates, and have F...

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October 4, 2018

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