Inflammation is something we have heard about a lot lately, but what exactly is inflammation and why is it so important?  


Inflammation is a process in which the body tries to fight off harmful stimuli.  It is an attempt at self protection involving immune cells, blood vessels, and molecular mediators. The aim is to eliminate the initial stimulus, remove any dead or damaged cells, and begin the healing process.  Inflammation is very complex and can involve any part of the body. 


Inflammation is not the same thing as infection, although infection can cause inflammation. Think about the swollen red nose, sore throat and wheezy lungs you get with an upper respiratory infection; these symptoms are not caused directly by the virus, but instead by the body's response to the virus.


Inflammation can be due to...

Many times I see patients and talk about changing their lifestyle with LCHF eating, and I will feel like I've done a pretty good job getting them started with handouts, internet links, books, and access to me through Facebook and this website. However, when many people return they will tell me they cut out the carbs, but when I ask about their fat they will admit they still eat low fat...that they are still scared to eat fat.




Fat was unjustly vilified, starting in the early 1950s.  At about that time doctors started recognizing and diagnosing heart disease and heart attacks.  Then in 1955 President Dwight Eisenhower had his first heart attack, while in office. Because of some flawed research and what seems in large part to politics, fat, especially saturated, started to get a bad name.  Add in that Crisco and Margarine were much cheaper than lard and butter and that several docto...

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