Kids are eating sugar at an all time high!  I've seen sugar for kids being compared to alcohol for adults (6 Hidden Truths About Sugar), and see highly processed foods given to kids all day, every day. Pop Tarts! or cereal with juice for breakfast, Mac and Cheese with chocolate milk for lunch, frozen chicken nuggets or frozen pizza for dinner, fruit snacks or granola bars for snacks.  (Are You Overdosing Your Kids On Sugar?)  This is a deadly trend, we need parents, schools, medical professionals, government and food manufacturers to work together to halt this freight train!



I have 4 kids, age 4-10, all very busy and active. Do I feed my kids what I eat?   I get that question a lot...and the answer is MOSTLY.


I give them more leeway than I give myself. I figure if I can teach them how to make good choices most of the time then they can have the occasional splurge on sugar. 

I have been eating this way (LCHF) for only 4 years so...

I have always loved to cook and bake, but have always been better at following recipes rather than creating my own.  I mean, aside from adding my own toppings to pizza I have never diverged much from a written recipe, but everything usually turned out pretty well. 


One of the nicest things about changing the way I eat is that I have found it is very hard to go wrong with cooking when you are putting together a protein, fat, and vegetable. You can mix and match a whole lot and get it to taste really good.  I often take fish and cook it in a pan with some olive oil and spices, then when close to done take fresh spinach, a can of diced tomatoes (drained) and cheese. If the spices are Greek use feta, if Italian - use mozzarella, and end up with a very tasty well-rounded dinner.  Sautéing ground meats with onions and other vegetables, covered with a cheese or other sauce is quick and delicious.


One of my favorite things to make now (because it tastes...




Changing the way that you eat can be difficult; this is even more difficult when on vacation or away from home.

 For spring break I spent the last week at the  high carb/high sugar capital of the world: 

 There was sugar everywhere, as well as many prepared fast food-like meals and snacks.  All were fairly high in speed, cost and convenience, but not necessarily the best choices for someone who is trying to eat low carb.  Challenge accepted!

At the Airport:  Airport travel itself can be difficult.  We planned ahead for early morning travel by packing egg muffins made with eggs, bacon, swiss cheese and heavy cream as well as nuts, and cheese wrapped with meat.  












For drinks, at the airport we did get milk for the kids, but we also had reusable bottles with water that we used the whole trip, and I stuck with my favorite drink: Americano with 1 inch of heavy cream. Sparkling water on the airplane was also very refreshing....

I can't tell you how many times people come into my office and say "I just don't get it; I exercise an hour every day and watch what I eat, and I just can't lose weight!". 

Exercise is great for the body - it is fantastic for building muscle, for improving mood, for balance and strengthening,  and really healthy for the heart (great drug free way to lower blood pressure).  Weight lifting and weight bearing activity can strengthen and protect bones from osteoporosis. Yoga and tai chi can improve strength, balance, and flexibility as well as help core muscle strength and back pain issues. 



Aerobic exercise - running, biking hard enough to get increase your heart rate up has been proven to boost the size of the hippocampus (the part of brain used in memory and learning) and helps us keep our memories, even when fighting dementia (Harvard).  This is especially beneficial now when a new case of dementia is diagnosed every 4 seconds globally. A regular exercise program ca...

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