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We follow a Low Carbohydrate High Fat (LCHF) plan that can be personalized for each person and may include intermittent fasting. There are many types of plans that can be part of an LCHF plan including paleo, ketogenic, Banting, Atkins, etc. The research overwhelmingly shows that a well formulated LCHF or keto plan is superior to low fat or Standard American Diet (SAD) for weight loss and risk reduction. See some of that research on this page. 

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This is the book that got me
started on my journey! 
I highly recommend it as 
a starting point.
This book gives the story of 
how fat and cholesterol
became so feared
in the modern day diet. It is
excellent and sheds a lot of
light on how we learned to eat
the way we do. 
Excellent look at what truly
happens to a body when 
       given too much sugar - 
truly frightening!
Another great book to
start with, written by two
of the top LCHF researchers
Dr. Fung is an expert on
diabetes, weight loss, and
intermittent fasting
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